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In a video yoga class you are a spectator and can not adapt the content of the video to your practice. In Yogaway you are the protagonist of your practice. We have a powerful Sequence Builder, where you choose and order positions, define duration, configure and reconfigure whenever you want to practice to suit your pace and needs. Watching a video class you are a listener, while in Yogaway you are the main character.


What You Get


3 IN 1

You have dozens of yoga postures, stretching and warm-up options essential for a complete practice. All of this you’ll find in both Ready-to-go Classes and Design your Own (Sequence Builder).


We offer dozens of Functional Ready-To-go Classes in easy and harmonious sequences, where everyone can start practicing immediately (beginners or experienced) soon after the first access, without the need for previous training, because the practice is intuitive and natural.

Sequence Builder

Design your own classes. Develop Sequences that accurately reflect your personal style, try new class compositions with full control. allows you to set up time for posture / exercise, with music, ordering postures / exercises, all the controls needed to set up an ideal lesson for your needs

Performance Graphics & Indicators

When you access Yogaway you will find the Graph and personal indicators of Calorie Burning and Practicing Hours on the user panel. The graph is an indicator of its practical performance. It is based on the calculation of the periodicity of your practices, that is, if you practice every day, no matter how many hours, it indicates a better percentage than one who practices many hours on the same day. The habit of practicing several times during the week is much more valuable to your physical and subtle health.

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You just need to register with your name, email and password. We respect our customers and provide a long trial period for better evaluation and enjoyment of our resources.


Yogaway is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, serving practitioners worldwide. We are present in every continent and preparing to reach an even larger audience with new languages.


Yes, is responsive and that means it works great on all notebooks, desktops, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs with internet access. This facility gives you the freedom to practice wherever you are with practically every device.

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